Asbestos-Related Illnesses and Their Symptoms

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Why Is Professional Asbestos Removal a Service Worth Investing In?

In order to understand why professional asbestos removal in your home is necessary, you first have to understand what it is and how it can harm your health. Reading this post to its very end will provide you with all this information.

Asbestos is the official name of a group of minerals which naturally occur in the environment as bundles of fibers which can be divided into thin, durable threads. These fibers are chemical, heat, and fire resistant, and they do not conduct electricity. Long exposure to asbestos, however, leads to serious health risks. It is a well-known carcinogen that leads to mesothelioma.

If you live in a property that has been constructed 40-50 years ago, it is very likely that asbestos was used in its construction. Even if your house has been remodeled afterward, you’d better hire an asbestos removal specialist to perform an inspection and check whether there are any asbestos remains left. Remember that, when it comes to asbestos, there are no safe levels of exposure. Here is a short list of the spaces where it can be usually found:

– Siding

– Wiring insulation

– Roofing and felt shingles

– Tar paper

– Insulations

– Roof gutters

– Paint

– Acoustic ceiling material

– HVAC duct insulation

– Range hoods

– Generators

– Cement wallboard

– Furnace doors

– Dish-washers and clothes dryers

– Pipe insulation

– Recess lighting

– Outlets

If you are willing to learn more about asbestos, and some of the symptoms that are typical for asbestos-related illnesses, we recommend you to dial (310) 774-2831, and consult the asbestos removal specialists of South Bay Mitigation. We are a team of experts based in San Pedro CA and are always ready to help you with some advice and recommendations.