I Had a Fire at Home, What Should I Do?

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Contact a Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire damage is a traumatic experience, and even when the firefighters extinguish the flames, there is still smoke coming out of the building. However, once the fire is over, you have to deal with your home insurance, damages and everything that affects your house after the fire.

After the that, you need to consider that there is usually corrosion and mold to fight, so you need to contact a fire damage restoration company to do a deep inspection of your house before you can move in again.

The main purpose of our company is to assist and protect families affected by fire. However, there is a long procedure after this stressful event. We know how devastating it can be, and for this reason, we suggest you to contact a fire damage restoration company. They will contact your insurance company, inspect every corner of your house and report to your local government about the incident.

After a fire, mold and corrosion often appear, so don’t underestimate it, mold can ruin your house. When mold is disturbed, it releases millions of spores, and you need a deep cleaning done or you may be spreading the problem. Professionals not only kill the mold, but they also remove the cause of growth.

Let’s say you had a minor fire and you don’t know how to handle the consequences, depending on what burned, you may be compounding the problem instead of fixing it. Fires leave residues of acid, wood treatments and pvc pipes, and this problem has to be treated by professional.

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