Was your home a victim of a domestic fire or flood? Are you looking for a professional who can completely get rid of any moldy surfaces in your basement? If this is so, then South Bay Mitigation is the company that will help you out! Our highly experienced professionals will gladly provide your home with anything, from effective asbestos removal to damage restoration services. Do not miss your chance to visit our Google+ page and find out more!


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Good job!


After two years of faithful service, my water heater decided to give up on me. The summer season was already here, and I needed my water heater to work again. It was my brother, actually, who advised me to look online – this is how I found your reliable water heater repair service provider. Thanks for your quick response and amazing services!

Thank you very much!


After I found out that my wife and I were expecting a baby, I wanted to make sure that everything in our house was disease and toxic free, and this is why I decided to look for a reliable asbestos removal company. You performed a swift job, and I am more than happy to have found you – now we can raise our child knowing that it grows in a healthy home!

Good work.


My girlfriend and I bought a puppy, and we wanted to raise it properly. There was some talk about “asbestos” being present in our neighborhood, and I decided to look for a company that could make sure that everything was alright in our residence. After scouring the online market for a reliable asbestos removal business, I found you. Thank you for your swift and efficient work!

Swift and professional!


There was definitely something wrong with the water heater at home. One day, the water in it was boiling hot, on the next – stone cold. This has been going around for quite some time, and I finally decided to start looking for a professional water heater repair specialist. Your experts performed a swift and professional service, and I will be more than glad to recommend you to my friends and colleagues!

Thank you so very much!


I bought a toaster that decided to start its own fire the moment I walked out of the kitchen for a few minutes. Although my sister and I managed to contain the situation, a large portion of the kitchen was blackened and damaged. I asked her if she could recommend me a reliable fire damage restoration company, and after browsing together online for a few minutes, we found you. Thank you so much for fixing everything!

You guys are amazing.


A month ago, a faulty wire caused one of the room additions in my house to burn. Luckily, the fire didn't have the opportunity to spread, and it was contained; however, some damage was done to it, and I had to look for an expert who specialized in professional fire damage restoration. Your company came very highly recommended, and today, I know why – thank you very much for helping me out!

Awesome work!


My family and I are usually very keen on house cleanliness – one day, however, I decided to get up on a chair and clean above the kitchen cabinets. This is when I saw a huge patch of mold! I knew that this was bad news, so I started searching online for a business that performed a professional mold removal service. Your specialists performed an amazing job, thank you very much!



A few days ago, I watched this documentary regarding mold – they had explained how it could have a negative effect on people's health, and if we should ever encounter any type of mold in our houses, we should take care of it. A day after that, I noticed that there was a large patch of mildew developing in my basement. I immediately went online to find a business that could provide me with efficient mold removal and found you. Thank you for your work!



My sister and I were trying to fix a kitchen leak, but we accidentally made it worse. The result of course, was that our living room was “slightly flooded”, and I thought that the brand new carpet we bought had “bit the dust”. I called my boyfriend for immediate assistance, and he gave me a link to your professional water damage restoration business. Thank you so much for responding so quickly!

Splendid job!


After my basement was flooded two weeks ago by a broken plumbing pipe, I must admit, I panicked beyond reasoning. I use the basement for making paper craft models, and most of my creations were lost! I needed a reliable water damage restoration company, fast. After going online, you guys came highly recommended, and today, I know why – you performed an amazing job!

5.0 22 After two years of faithful service, my water heater decided to give up on me. The summer season was already here, and I needed my water heater to work again. It was my brother, ac