Want to Know What Is the Right Temperature for Your New Water Heater?

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Why Setting the Right Temperature Will Prevent Continuous Water Heater Repairs

A homeowner is able to practice on both safety and economy, by ensuring their water temperature is kept at approved levels. Extremely hot water temperature do cause burns, and because of this, care is needed when setting your hot water heater as required. Setting ones water temperature lower also saves on energy bills, when heating water. But, the downside to this means that you will run out of water a lot faster.

Many water heater repairs experts advise that hot water temperature should never go above 51.66°C. Anything above this will pose serious risk of people getting badly burned, especially children. In fact, even at this temperature, if a child puts their hand in this water continuously for 2 minutes, they run the risk of getting 2nd or even 3rd degree burns.

Some pediatricians advise setting ones water temperature at 48.88°C. With this temperature, a child would need to run the water on the same place for a solid 10 minutes before receiving any type of burn. Temperatures higher than this will burn a child, or an adult severely, and quite fast. For instance, it is said that it only takes 2 seconds of exposure to 65.55° C water, and only 6 seconds of 60° C water to cause a severe burn on a child.

Some homeowners are worried that reducing their water temperature could cause soap to not work properly, with the likes of washing machines or dishwashers. In reality, most soap and detergent is designed to work from 120° to 125° F. Also, reducing your water temperature can save on many bills for repairs on your appliances.

So the next time you are replacing or repairing your hot water heater, speak to your installation technician on what would be the ideal temperature to set it at and if it will make an increased improvement on your energy bills.

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