What Exactly Is Asbestos?

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Why Should You Listen to an Asbestos Removal Service?

Asbestos is made from 6 different fibrous minerals, which are crocidolite, chrysotile, tremolite, amosite, actinolite and anthophyllite. These hail from mines from around the world, including South America, Canada and Australia. Since it’s well known for its heat retardant qualities, asbestos can be used in roofing shingles, floor tiles, vehicle brake pads, and various gaskets. Wraps created from this material were also used to insulate the likes of water pipes, heating ducts, offices, and other such structures.

Even though this comes with its own benefits, and is part of several useful products, it also has some extremely hazardous qualities to it. People that are exposed to the fibres of this material will suffer from lung and heart damage, cancer, and other such potentially crippling disabilities. Exposure has been proven to be deadly. The negative aspects of this have created a stir since the 60s, when many issues which are associated with this material were to be discovered. Lawsuits that sought damages for asbestos related illnesses and deaths are often featured in the news.

Generally, nearly everyone has been exposed to asbestos sometime in their lives. The fibres float around the air and water during the breakdown of products it is created from. These never evaporate nor dissolve. For instance, when brakes are applied in a car, asbestos fibres will be released into the atmosphere. While this limited exposure is not much cause for alarm, repeated exposure can lead to the problems which are detailed above.

Employees of businesses which mine these minerals or make products from it will be the ones who are under more risk of exposure than anyone else. Residents that live close to an asbestos manufacturing plant are also at high risk for exposure. Asbestosis is the phrase that is used to describe the disease for people suffering from lung related problems because of exposure. Mesothelioma is also a serious disease which could result from overexposure also. So if you find that your home is riddled with this material, contact your local asbestos removal firm now.

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