What Kinds of Issues May Occur with Your Water Heater?

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Most Common Problems That Require Swift Water Heater Repairs

If your water heater is experiencing some problems, you may consider calling a well-respected specialist to come on site and inspect your appliance. What are the main causes that require quality and prompt water heater repairs?


This is the most common problem with water heaters. If you notice any water leaks from the bottom of it, this means that, most probably, there is a crack on the internal tank. This kind of issue cannot be repaired, the whole device must be replaced. Sometimes, the leak may appear on the top of your device and may be caused by faulty fitting or another malfunctioning plumbing part. As a result of these troubles, you will no longer have hot water.

No hot water at all

Not being able to have a warm shower after a long day at work is quite unpleasant. If you have a gas water heater, that problem means there is a malfunctioning part inside of it or a problem with the pilot light. If you decide to relight your pilot and nothing happens, you will have to call highly-trained experts. If you have an electric water heater, this problem speaks of a faulty breaker or thermostat.

Not enough hot water

If your hot water runs out quicker than usual during a shower, the thermostat could be broken, some electric elements could be burned out, or your device is old and needs a replacement. As your water heater gets old, sediment builds up inside the tank and produces less and less hot water.


If you hear any weird noises coming out of your appliance, this is bad news as well, especially if the water heater is an old one. This mean that it hasn’t been drained on a regular basis or there is too much sediment inside the tank. If you hear a ”rumbling” noise, this is not a dangerous situation but your heater has lost most of its efficiency.


If your water smells, this indicates for presence of bacteria in the water, which produce foul odor. Treatment with chlorine will clear the water in no time.

If you experience any of the issues above, contact South Bay Mitigation for quick and affordable water heater repairs. If you live in San Pedro CA, give us a call today.