Why You Need to Be Vigilant with Mold

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What Homeowners Need to Know about Mold Removal

There are several things that homeowners need to know regarding mold removal, in addition to prevention. Getting rid of this can be quite challenging. The key thing is cleaning up the stains that are left behind by them, and killing any left over spores. Killing mold can be done quickly; however, if the spores are still floating around in the atmosphere, they will eventually settle and start to grow again, causing problems again. Commercial products can’t solve the problem due to the fact that they do not address the killing of the leftover spores.

Mold removal should be avoided altogether, this is done by making their environment hostile. Moist and damp places are the perfect condition for growth, so ensuring a space is kept dry is enough to keep it away. Opening doors and windows frequently for ventilation when possible is advisable, and within humid climates, a dehumidifier must be installed in order to extract water from the atmosphere. A vapour insulation barrier can help to stop mold within walls. Using an air filter can also help to reduce the amount of spores which float in.

If the problem occurs, it can be destroyed using vinegar or lemon juice, or a combination of tea tree oil mixed with water. Very little liquid should be used, which will avoid providing the mold with more moisture to multiply. Wetting a cloth with a solution, then blotting the area is an excellent way to get rid of the problem. High temperature is the enemy for mold growth, so once it has been removed, turn up the heat in the room, and close the doors to make sure that any spores left behind will be instantly destroyed and will be unable to drift into other areas of a home.

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